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    Pad Stick 2 (Premium Hooked Pad for Mops)

    Floor pad harpoon face

    The Pad Stick 2® is designed with thousands of solvent-resisting polypropylene hooks that fasten securely to a mop or brush pad. As with the economy model, the Pad Stick 2® can be used on single-brush polishing 鸿运彩软件下载 that work at high speeds.

    The difference between the two models is that the Pad Stick 2® is produced from superior, tough 6/12 nylon, which gives the hook a better wear resistance and longer flex life.

    The Pad Stick 2® also has a superior harpoon hook design and improved hook spacing, which vastly improves the instant gripping power of the product, enabling it to be used on small cleaning 鸿运彩软件下载 without a pad retaining clip. We recommended that you鸿运彩软件下载 use the Pad Stick 2® hooked pads with twister and 3m diamond cleaning pads.

    You may also be interested in our ultra-high-speed pad holder or our flex drive pad holder. Find out more today.